13 traders arrested! Afghan Taliban imposes ‘cryptocurrency ban’

The Central Bank of Afghanistan imposed a nationwide cryptocurrency ban this month, and the Taliban regime arrested 13 digital asset traders who defied the ban, Bloomberg reported, citing a senior police official.

After the Taliban successfully seized the Afghan regime a year ago, although the war has ceased, the subsequent international sanctions have also led to the continued deterioration of inflation and cash shortages. Afghanistan’s economy has been turbulent to this day. At the same time, in order to avoid the tyranny of the Taliban, local people have turned to encryption. currency to protect their property.

Today, Afghanistan has also decided to follow in China’s footsteps by implementing a blanket ban on cryptocurrencies. Sayed Shah Saadaat, Head of Criminal Investigation at Herat Police Headquarters, said:

The Central Bank has ordered us to stop all money changers, individuals and merchants from trading “fraudulent digital currencies”, also known as “Bitcoins”.

Sayed Shah Saadaat said a total of 13 people were arrested, most of whom have been released on bail.

More than 20 cryptocurrency companies have been shut down in Herat, Afghanistan’s third-largest city and digital currency trading center. It is reported that out of the six cryptocurrency brokers in Afghanistan, four companies are located in the city of Herat.

According to a report last year by blockchain research firm Chainalysis, Afghanistan was among the top 20 countries with the highest cryptocurrency adoption rates in the world at the time.

The Taliban regime said in February that they would study whether cryptocurrencies could be used under the Islamic financial system, but some religious scholars have long predicted that because cryptocurrencies involve uncertainty, betting and harm, gambling is prohibited by Sharia law. permissible behavior, so it is concluded that the Taliban will eventually ban cryptocurrencies.