A commercial-grade metaverse that is both fun and innovative! O2 META Land NFT will be released soon

It is a large-scale metaverse field O2 META created by the blockchain technology service provider Bitto Group and the 3D XR imaging technology provider Guanghe Perception Technology, and convened partners to create a large-scale metaverse field O2 META; the team will create a commercial value and entity. Support, and at the same time have the metaverse of blockchain chain game, NFT transaction collection and use, naked eye 3D.

Ge Rujun (Dr. Bao), a Taiwanese NFT expert and assistant professor of the Department of Interactive Design at Taipei University of Science and Technology, analyzed O2 META. He said that the Metaverse field has the opportunity to become a new field where Taiwanese factories surpass the United Kingdom and the United States. In particular, the O2 META team has assembled many industry leaders to jointly create A metaverse based on business services.

Dr. Bao mentioned that his deepest impression of CoinTow and “Family Family” originated from the supermarket coin buying service, and then advanced to the free conversion of consumption points into Bitcoin, making Taiwan the region with the most circular economy of cryptocurrencies. In the past, Taiwan’s manufacturing industry participated in and benefited from the Web1 period, but it was difficult to support growth in the second half, and it was even absent from the Web2 period. After investing in blockchain technology, Taiwanese factories are expected to regain their dominance and return to the market.

Regarding joining the O2 Metaverse team, Lin Zhiqing, Deputy Director of the E-Retail Business Headquarters of FamilyMart, said that the company strives to innovate and is the most courageous convenience store in the industry to use technology to benefit consumers and provide a better service experience. Recall that in 2014, we cooperated with CoinTow, because foreign reporters flew to Taiwan to experience the service of buying coins in supermarkets. Consumers can use the cryptocurrency in the BitoEX account to exchange for commodity coupons, get points for shopping, and exchange the points for free bitcoin, creating a circular economy.

Lin Zhiqing emphasized that the Metaverse O2 META will be jointly cooperated with Bito, that is, because of the past cooperation experience, it has indeed brought innovation and value to the consumer side, so he re-invested in the co-creation of O2 META. He said that the difference between O2 META and other current blockchain chain games is that through cooperation and the existing consumption point mechanism, it is expected to inject the flow of people and business value of O2 META, and rely on blockchain and NFT technology to create real and virtual Integrate new business models.

Lin Zhiqing said that his main role in O2 META is to make the Metaverse service come to fruition, so that the Metaverse is not just a hot word and cannot be implemented with real meaning, but can bring new benefits to business services and human life.

Wang Youguang, CEO of Guanghe Perception Technology, said that the land NFT of O2 META will be sold to the public soon. In order to increase the entertainment, this time, the land NFT is sold in the form of a blind box, and the land level will be known only after the blind is cleared. Everyone has the opportunity to make an investment more than four times the benefit. Different land grades have different empowerment. The larger the land grade, the more business models that can be changed. You can also display your own LOGO publicly on the map to bring popularity to the brand. It is estimated that the daily active people of O2 META will reach 1 million this year, and the e-commerce companies with landlords can be exposed to millions of people every day.