AAX was shocked to close down, and its partners absconded with money! Customer service tells users to “prepare for the worst”

As the news of AAX’s collapse became more and more intense, some users directly asked the customer service for verification, but the customer service responded that they could not confirm the authenticity of the conversation in the screenshot, and later said to the user: “I am very sorry, I can only say that I am doing my best. Bad plans, hold on to the last glimmer of hope.”

In response to the above news, AAX internal employees also complained to users in the rights protection group, “the company’s top management is still silent”, “even the employees have not made any announcements”, and said, “I also saw everyone in the group I only found out about this after the screenshots of the conversation went viral.”

The employee pointed out that during the period when AAX froze users’ withdrawals, the company’s employees had been trying to talk to high-level officials, hoping that they would be open and transparent both internally and externally, “but all they received was silent responses.” “We are also very helpless and can only Waiting for results”.

It is understood that AAX’s Youtube channel and the English version of the Facebook fan page are currently closed, but the official Twitter account and the Chinese version of the Facebook fan page are still in operation. Another user reported that logging into the AAX homepage is now unavailable.

AAX initially suspended most of the exchange functions on November 13, freezing user transactions and withdrawals on the grounds of “extended maintenance time”, and opened manual withdrawal applications the next day, but did not mention that the platform was affected by FTX The impact of the incident is only that due to a technical error of the third-party service provider, there is a discrepancy between the exchange user’s fund data and the backup record, so the engineer needs to manually check the data one by one to ensure that it is correct before restarting the exchange function.

AAX subsequently issued an announcement on the evening of November 15th, acknowledging that the exchange is currently facing “capital pressure” and that in order to restore normal services, it needs to raise new capital from the outside. AAX understands that it is difficult to find new funds at present, but they said that The amount of funds is “relatively low”, and the existing investors of the exchange have also injected capital. AAX also emphasized at the time that it is confident that the exchange can resume normal operations.