Amazon’s “NFT Plan” is ready to go! News: It will appear in April this year at the earliest

“Blockworks” quoted people familiar with the matter as reporting that the e-commerce leader “Amazon” (Amazon) is setting up a digital asset company and is expected to launch a plan related to NFT this spring.

According to four people familiar with the plan, Amazon has approached a number of industry players about its NFT project. These entities include public chains, blockchain game startups and developers, and digital asset exchanges.

According to two of the sources, Amazon’s NFT project will focus on blockchain games and related NFT applications. Amazon, for example, will allow its users to claim free NFTs through blockchain games.

Amazon’s foray into the NFT space is bound to be “a major event” for the cryptocurrency market. According to reports, this work is still in progress, and Amazon seems to have planned to disclose its NFT ambitions in April this year.

Amazon executives spearheading the move have contacted at least one family office in recent months, one of the sources said. At the time, the project had worked with an artist on at least one NFT airdrop, but Amazon’s Web3 blueprint appears to have changed significantly since then, the same source said.

It’s unclear who is leading Amazon’s NFT project, and details about the platform, including some NFT game plans, are still to be announced, but two sources said the platform will be run by Amazon, not its cloud computing arm. Service platform AWS.

A representative for Amazon did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In April last year, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy said in an interview that he was optimistic about the prospects of cryptocurrencies and NFT. He pointed out that Amazon does not plan to support cryptocurrencies as a payment method for retail business in the short term, but it is very likely to sell NFT in the future.