Another luxury brand enters Web3, Prada launches first independently developed digital collection

If you follow the fashion industry, then you definitely know Prada. The continuous increase of NFT and metaverse fields of luxury goods is not only for chasing hot spots, but also a marketing strategy.

Prada is known as the ninth most expensive luxury brand in the world, after Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga.

Prada launches new NFT collection - The Cryptonomist

This Thursday, Prada will launch the Timecapsule collection and bring 100 Ethereum-based NFTs .

The Timecapsule NFT program is built on the Ethereum blockchain linked to the Aura blockchain consortium.

Shoppers will receive a free NFT airdrop when users purchase Prada products from artist Cassius Hirst’s latest designs.

The collection, which will be released on June 2, is an updated version of the Timecapsule project the brand created in December 2019.

Dubbed Cass x Prada, this latest NFT airdrop is inspired by the Prada America Cup sneakers, and the Timecapsule shirt is a unisex, black and white with Hirst’s artistic signature .

Prada will airdrop limited-edition merchandise on the first Thursday of every month, which people can buy within 24 hours.

The online event was fantastic, featuring more than 100 unisex shirts designed by artist Prada. The physical item or shirt is paired with a free NFT with the unique serial number of the matching physical item.

The price of the series is currently unknown, but reports suggest that buyers will be able to purchase it with fiat currency.

Prada expects to join Richemont-Farfetch talks over online tie-up | Reuters

In the second phase, Prada will airdrop a free NFT for every buyer who has purchased the Timecapsule clothing launched in 2019.
Buyers will learn the specifics of NFTs through Prada Crypted, a community server that you can find on Discord.

Although NFTs are airdropped for free, holders are free to sell them on the market

The Timecapsule initiative is designed to reward people who buy on the spot or early. However, unlike other luxury brands, Prada is not targeting a whole new market. The brand will reward loyal customers who support the NFT program from the start.

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