Author of “Black Swan”: Even if it rises to $100,000, Bitcoin is a failure

Nassim Taleb, a professor at New York University known for his best-selling book “The Black Swan Effect,” used to be optimistic about Bitcoin’s development potential and entered the market, but he has now turned his head sharply, threatening that even if Bitcoin soared to 100,000 during another bull market dollar, it also remains a failure.

The well-known thinker explained that Bitcoin did not act as a hedge against inflation, war. Instead, Bitcoin has the properties of a risky asset.


At the end of June, Nassim Taleb said that he believes that the current “crypto winter” may turn into an “ice age”, which means that the cryptocurrency market downturn may continue for a long time.

A few years ago, Nassim Taleb made positive comments about Bitcoin, especially its potential to help people circumvent capital controls. In the foreword to his 2018 book “The Bitcoin Standard,” he described Bitcoin as “the first organic currency” and an “insurance policy” against government control over money.

However, just when Bitcoin was surging and everyone was rushing to enter the market in February this year, Nassim Taleb said that he had been selling the Bitcoin in his hand, and even bluntly said “Bitcoin is a failure”, he believes that Bitcoin As a currency, it should not be so easy to fluctuate. To put it bluntly: “You can’t use Bitcoin to measure the price”, “The skyrocketing phenomenon is excessively promoted.”