Blockbooster Web 3.0 Social Metaverse Hackathon to be held in Hong Kong, April 7-9, 2023

Web 3.0 Hackathon@HKU will be held on the campus of HKU from April 7th to 9th, 2023. The theme of the first event is “Into the Social Metaverse”, which is a hackathon focusing on the Web3 social application layer. The event was co-hosted by BlockBooster, OKX, Gitcoin, and the Hong Kong university student blockchain community, and was jointly supported by the Science and Technology Innovation Center of the University of Hong Kong, the Asian Entrepreneurship and Business Value Center of the Business School, and HKU FinTech.

The event will provide a prize pool with a total value of more than 500,000 Hong Kong dollars to the winning entrepreneurial team, as well as additional sponsorship challenge rewards, follow-up investment opportunities and incubation opportunities. The event will be divided into three parts: workshops for entrepreneurs, online sharing discussions and Demo Day.

Lennix Lai, Managing Director of OKX’s Global Institutional Business Department, said: “Hong Kong is destined to start a new Blockchain narrative, and OKX is ready. We are happy to witness the birth of more creative and innovative SocialFi projects together with Blockbooster. OKX also Looking forward to supporting them even more.”

During the event, industry leaders will discuss topics such as Web3 social development trends, market conditions, and development ecology. Blockbooster mentors will provide the entrepreneurial team with offline and online project consulting support, including product market adaptability feedback, market strategy, contract audit, etc. The goal of the event is to help entrepreneurs correctly position their products and accelerate the development process. During Demo Day, top industry venture capital firms and exchanges will participate in the review to help entrepreneurial teams connect with investors and industry resources. The event will also partner with Gitcoin and DoraHacks to explore funding matching opportunities for Hong Kong hackathon-themed projects.

Mr. Joseph Chan, Director of the Asia Center for Entrepreneurship and Business Value at HKU Business School, said: “This is an exciting platform where we will witness creative human-centred design combined with technological innovation. I look forward to seeing participants make meaningful contributions. Impactful blockchain exploration, creating value, and promoting community and social change!”

The mentor committee members of this hackathon come from various fields in the industry, including decentralized finance (DeFi), decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO), non-fungible tokens (NFT), social games/guilds, security, smart contracts and data Industry head organization. The event also invited top-ranked Degen, successful founders and developers in the industry, including leading Web3 social project teams such as Mask Network and Galxe to share.

Zheng Jialiang, Research Director of HashKey Capital, said: “Through the Web3.0 Hackathon, core developers will gather together to jointly develop innovative blockchain products, move forward with the entire community and participants, and lay the foundation for Hong Kong as a Web3 hub .”

The Mentor Committee includes but not limited to Azeem – Gitcoin, Chess – Quest3, Chris- Conflux, Duan Wei – NextID, Jeff Hu – Hashkey, Johnson – Hooga Gaming, Joshua – RSS3, Jun Hao – Altlayer, KC – Hooga Gaming, Mark – DODO, Meow – Cavis, Mike – Go+, O – SCB10x, Outprog / XiaoJay – EverFinance / AR, Sam & Li Ni – Avalanche, Wenqing – KNN3, Xin – EthSign, Yajin – Blocksec, Yisi – Mask. The event also collaborates with ecosystem partners such as Altlayer, Arweave (EverVision & PermaDAO), Mask, and NextID.

Through cooperation with more than 20 industry leaders and more than 10 local financial institutions and technology leaders, BlockBooster aims to establish the first Web3 innovation development and ecological project incubation center in Hong Kong, and establish a solid and long-term cooperation with overseas and domestic Web3 teams relationship to promote the sustainable development of hackathons and future incubation projects.