Bloomberg: FTX.US employees are trying to sell the company’s assets

According to Bloomberg News on the 11th, citing two people familiar with the matter, employees of the cryptocurrency trading platform FTX.US are trying to sell the company’s assets. The source said that and FTX.US CEO Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) In some cases there is no “involvement”.

Notably, this statement does not explicitly state whether the SBF was unaware.

According to reports, employees are trying to sell the naming rights of Embed, a stock clearing platform, and FTX Arena in Miami in the United States. FTX Arena is a comprehensive stadium located in downtown Miami, Florida, USA, and is now mainly used as the home of the NBA Miami Heat. Formerly known as American Airlines Arena, FTX won the naming rights for the venue in March 2021 for $135 million and renamed the venue FTX Arena.

However, on the evening of November 10, after the FTX exchange was exposed to a liquidity crisis, SBF spoke again on Twitter, expressing its apology for not being the first to publicly explain the incident to the public. take full responsibility. However, he emphasized that FTX US is a US exchange that only accepts US users, so its financial situation has not been affected by this storm, and every FTX.US user has been able to fully use the withdrawal service all the way.

The FTX liquidity crisis event has shocked the entire cryptocurrency industry. The sharp fluctuations in the de-currency price have a more significant and far-reaching impact, which has gradually expanded. Companies that have business dealings with FTX, groups or individuals whose assets are deposited on the FTX platform, etc. affected to varying degrees.

Since the incident, cryptocurrency-related companies or platforms have issued notices on social media, suspending their individual services one after another. For example, cryptocurrency lending platform BlockFi announced the suspension of withdrawal services. NFT major Deepak.eth said earlier that his project Chain Protocol as CEO has eight-digit risk exposure on FTX, and its project is currently suffering from liquidity problems. The next day, he publicly decided on his personal social media to sell a large number of precious blue-chip NFTs to raise funds.

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