Bold predictions! Robert Kiyosaki: “Bitcoin $100,000” is just around the corner

Robert Kiyosaki, author of the financial bestseller “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” boldly predicted that Bitcoin would hit the $100,000 mark sooner or later, recently shared his love for Bitcoin on Twitter, revealing that he is bullish The reason for this comes from the original intention of Bitcoin – a means of wealth storage independent of regimes and financial institutions.

Robert Kiyosaki recently published an article revealing that his love for Bitcoin began when he witnessed the moment when Bitcoin skyrocketed to $20,000. Continue to pay attention to the changes in the market, and finally when Bitcoin rose back to 6,000 US dollars, it bought hundreds of thousands of dollars in large quantities.

Robert Kiyosaki said that the decentralized nature of Bitcoin and its independence from the government make it a safer investment target than traditional assets such as stocks and bonds. He believes that Bitcoin is “the people’s money” and does not need bailouts from the US Federal Reserve (Fed) and the Biden administration, while the US government has opened up capital taps and continuously injected “fake money” into the economy. Policy is the biggest culprit in destroying the economy.

Robert Kiyosaki pointed out last week that he believes that the upward trend of Bitcoin is still strong, “betting that Bitcoin will continue to rise.” In addition, he also revealed that he entered the market when the price of bitcoin was about 6,000 US dollars, and bought 60 bitcoins in one go.

Robert Kiyosaki has criticized in the past that the Fed’s aggressive interest rate hikes are destroying the U.S. economy step by step, so he advises people not to cling to the U.S. dollar, but to invest in “Real Money,” and Bitcoin is one of them.

In February of this year, he publicly criticized the dollar will be destroyed again, and said that he is optimistic that Bitcoin will rise to $500,000 in 2025.