Do Kwon where are you? Over 4,000 retail investors join forces to launch “Global Search”

The Terra ecosystem collapsed overnight in May this year, causing global investors to lose about 40 billion US dollars. The affected households are all over the world. However, the whereabouts of founder Do Kwon are still unknown since the incident. The Korean police have been searching for a long time without success. No one was idle, as many as 4,400 retail investors joined forces to launch a “global search”, vowing to find out Do Kwon’s hiding place.

A Seoul court issued an arrest warrant for Do Kwon on September 14, and Interpol issued a “red notice” to law enforcement around the world on September 26. Although the South Korean authorities have taken many measures to try to arrest Do Kwon, investors It seems that law enforcement agencies are ineffective.

According to the British “Financial Times” report, the “UST Restitution Group (URG)” composed of 4,400 retail investors is tracking down Do Kwon’s whereabouts, scouring the Internet for various useful information and sharing clues with each other through Discord.

URG was originally formed after the Terra ecosystem collapsed in May to organize a victim group to file a class-action lawsuit against Do Kwon and his company. It is reported that many URG members lost their life savings because of the Terra incident.

The latest clues from URG show that Do Kwon may currently live in Dubai, Russia, Azerbaijan and other places. Due to Dubai’s friendly regulatory policies for cryptocurrencies, the large foreign population is suitable for hiding, the extradition treaty is limited, and the local time difference matches the data of the clues , URG members believe that Do Kwon is most likely to hide in Dubai, and one of the members will go to Dubai in the near future to conduct a field search.

South Korean prosecutors earlier confirmed that Do Kwon had flown through Dubai to an unknown area after leaving Singapore, and has now asked countries adjacent to Dubai to help track Do Kwon’s whereabouts.

Over the past few months, Do Kwon has still posted on Twitter from time to time, repeatedly denying that he absconded in fear of crime, evading pursuit, and denying that funds were frozen. It even argued that South Korea’s charges against him were “politically motivated”.