Facebook starts testing “NFT features”! Some users can post NFTs

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced in June that Facebook would follow Instagram to support NFTs. Today, Facebook has opened some U.S. creators to try out the NFT feature first.

The representative of Meta pointed out that Facebook initially only supports NFTs issued on Ethereum and Polygon, and will also support NFTs issued on Solana and Flow in the future.

In the future, users will also be able to bind cryptocurrency wallets to their Facebook profiles.

Meta Product Manager Navdeep Singh shared a screenshot of the NFT function in a Twitter post yesterday (30). As can be seen from the figure, after clicking and entering your own personal page, you will see “Digital Collections” in the menu below the photo sticker, and users can display their NFTs in this exclusive tab (Tab).

In addition, users can also attach the NFT they want to share when posting, just like a normal post, they can allow netizens to like, comment and share, and detailed information about the NFT will be displayed after clicking.

However, Meta did not say if or when Facebook’s NFT feature would be available to all users.