“Father of High Frequency Trading” Thomas Peterffy: Bitcoin drops to $12,000 and increases

Thomas Peterffy, founder of Interactive Brokers, known as the “father of high-frequency trading,” said that while he was concerned that bitcoin could “become worthless or be banned by the government,” if bitcoin fell to 1.2 Ten thousand dollars, he will still resolutely overweight and buy more bitcoins.

In January, the billionaire said that in order to prevent fiat currencies from falling “hell”, investors should be most prudent to put 2% to 3% of their personal wealth in cryptocurrencies. In July last year, he revealed that he owns some bitcoin, and Interactive Brokers is preparing to launch cryptocurrency trading. He said at the time, “The chances of Bitcoin becoming the dominant currency are slim, so you have to gamble.”


Last week, Thomas Peterffy shared his thoughts on Bitcoin again in an interview with Forbes.

Despite the recent sell-off in the cryptocurrency market, Thomas Peterffy said he still holds some bitcoin and plans to buy more if the price continues to dip to $12,000, but is cautious about the future of bitcoin Awaiting. He emphasized:

The probability of (Bitcoin) becoming worthless or outlawed is very high.

Thomas Peterffy warned that the U.S. government may seek to ban cryptocurrencies due to concerns among government officials that cryptocurrencies could be used to “finance illicit activities” and the U.S. Treasury Department’s inability to “control or track transactions or tax them.”