Huobi announced the opening of “Pi Coin” transactions! Recharge and withdrawal are not open before the mainnet goes live

The cryptocurrency exchange Huobi (formerly Huobi) announced that it will open the spot trading (PI/USDT) of Pi Coin (Pi Network) at 5:00 pm on December 29th, Taipei time.

Huobi also stated that it will pay close attention to the upgrade of the Pi Network mainnet, and until the mainnet is successfully launched, Huobi will keep the Pi recharge and withdrawal functions closed.

Huobi pointed out earlier this week that after the Pi Network mainnet upgrade is successful, it will conduct a currency listing review for Pi coins as soon as possible, and because Pi Network community users “strongly recommend” the upcoming mainnet launch, the Pi Network The exchange will pay close attention to the update trend of its project mainnet.

Launched in 2019, Pi Network is a blockchain project that focuses on “mobile mining”. It claims that it does not consume energy and does not take up traffic. As long as you click once a day, you can automatically earn Pi every hour within 24 hours. currency.

It is worth noting that the evaluation of Pi Network from all walks of life is polarized. Some people think that Pi is actually a layered scam. , so at most it only wastes some resources on the phone.

Earlier this year, the official media in mainland China even directly named Pi Coin as an “air coin” and warned investors of the risk of “being cut off from leeks”. However, Pi Network is still sought after by a large number of supporters in the community.

The launch of the Pi Network mainnet is divided into two phases. In December last year, the “Enclosed Network” with a firewall was first launched, which only supports basic operations such as accessing Pi wallet and Pi browser.

The second phase of the open main network was originally scheduled to go online in March or June this year, allowing users to connect with the outside world, which means that Pi coins will be open to trade with the public, but it has not yet been seen.