Mike Novogratz: SBF’s claim that he is “not criminally responsible” is delusional, and he will be arrested and locked up sooner or later!

FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) recently stated that he has never attempted to commit fraud and does not believe that he has any criminal responsibility. In response to these remarks, Mike Novogratz, the founder and CEO of the cryptocurrency bank Galaxy Digital, couldn’t help but retort, saying, “SBF is simply delusional.” He firmly believes that SBF must be punished by the law and estimates that he will at least be in prison. Squat for a while.

Mike Novogratz explained that the SBF must be held accountable for its actions, stressing that the SBF’s previous statements in the interview were “delusional.”

SBF is delusional about what’s been going on lately and his guilt in it. He has to be prosecuted and he will spend a long time in prison. They made up a hoax of the century, not just SBF, something that one person couldn’t do. What they have done is illegal and must be punished by law.

Mike Novogratz said that prosecuting relevant individuals for FTX’s misconduct will not only benefit the cryptocurrency, but also the entire financial industry. He said, “I hope the authorities will find this out as soon as possible.”

Referring to the person of SBF, Mike Novogratz said earnestly:

SBF has always been nice to me and his demeanor is kind, but sadly that’s part of the lie.

Mike Novogratz believes that the market is originally built on the basis of trust. When people’s trust is broken, they will start to question other players, causing panic in the entire market. Now everyone is looking for black swans everywhere.

On Nov. 9, Galaxy Digital publicly disclosed that it had an exposure of approximately $76.8 million to FTX.