Optimism governance token OP airdrop is here! A large number of users are rushing to get it, and the network is overwhelmed

Optimism, the well-known Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution, announced earlier today (1) that the governance token OP airdrop is officially open for application, and free tokens will be sent to 249,000 eligible addresses as rewards. Early adopters of the project and other ethereum users such as DAO voters, multi-signers, and ethereum cross-chain bridge users.

Optimism officially announced in April this year that it would issue a governance token OP, and also launched a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) called “The Optimism Collective”, which OP holders will be able to use for governance voting.

Today, the OP token airdrop is on the scene, but not long after the opening of the application, Optimism was immediately overwhelmed by “unprecedented high traffic”, resulting in network delays, and even though the development team has been working hard in the background to add additional capacity to the network, Users vying to claim airdrops still face issues such as transaction failures or delays.

According to Optimism Status, the Optimism mainnet experienced about three and a half hours of performance degradation, for which the team “provided more capacity” to address the issue. Optimism stated that due to high load causing delays to the Optimism mainnet and remote program calls (RPCs), archive node functionality will be temporarily limited until the network load subsides.

According to CoinGecko market data, OP opened at $1.43 and then surged to $2.10, but has fallen back to $1.61 by press time, an increase of 12.7%. So far, the trading volume has exceeded $310 million.

Some voices in the market pointed out that since Optimism has publicly tested the OP token contract a few days ago, before the front end of the airdrop application was officially opened, many people bypassed the front end, interacted directly with the smart contract, took the lead in receiving the airdrop, and Sell when prices rise.

At present, cryptocurrency exchanges such as Coinbase, OKX, LBank, MEXC and AAX have announced the listing of OP tokens, while Binance has postponed the listing time until 2 pm today.