Start a new business and seek a turnaround? SBF wants to “make a comeback” to make money and compensate FTX users!

After FTX went bankrupt, owed $50 billion and spooked more than a million creditors, the cryptocurrency exchange founder and former CEO Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) said he wanted to start another new company, It is hoped that after the new business makes money, it can be used to repay the debts owed by FTX and compensate FTX customers.

In an interview with the BBC on 10 December, when asked “whether it will start a new business to make money to compensate those damaged customers”, the SBF responded:

I’m willing to pay any price to do this. I’ll try it if I can.

Addressing those clients who lost heavily as a result of FTX’s collapse, SBF added:

I’m thinking about how I can help people, and if users don’t get much in return, I’m still seriously thinking about what I can do for them.

As he defended himself not long ago, SBF reiterated in the interview that he never attempted to commit fraud and does not believe he has committed a criminal offence.

SBF also mentioned that he is facing multiple federal investigations, and admitted that “my ability is far less than what I imagined.” At the same time, he expressed that he was worried that he might be arrested at any time.
At the same time, after several days of repeated discussions between Maxine Waters, chairman of the Financial Committee of the US House of Representatives, and SBF, SBF has officially confirmed that it will attend the FTX bankruptcy hearing. The first hearing will be held on December 13, US time, when SBF Will defend himself as a “witness”.

MICA Research, a cryptocurrency research institution, commented that from recent speeches, SBF is positioning itself as a character who “actively deals with problems”:

It can be seen that he really wants to get rid of the crime, and defines this incident as a simple civil issue. It is not clear whether the SBF trick will work. This incident is roughly estimated to take several years to deal with, and it cannot be resolved in the short term. It will cost a considerable amount of legal work in the middle Fees and ongoing restructuring salaries, it will not be easy for FTX creditors to get their assets back.