Support the establishment of a regulatory framework for encrypted assets! Binance Announces Joining the “U.S. Digital Chamber of Commerce”

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance (Binance) announced yesterday (20) that it has joined the leading blockchain and encrypted asset trading association – the American Digital Chamber of Commerce. Binance stated that it will work with the executive committee of the Digital Chamber of Commerce and other industry participants to jointly promote the development of the blockchain industry.

Joanne Kubba, deputy director of public affairs at Binance, said, “In the context of rapid industry development and complex regulatory environment, Binance, as a pivotal player in the industry, urgently needs to work closely with policy makers, regulators, and industry organizations such as digital chambers of commerce. Cooperation, to achieve the common mission of creating sustainable and reasonable supervision for the encrypted assets and blockchain industry, and ensuring user safety.”
Blain Rethmeier, Deputy Director of Public Affairs of the Digital Chamber of Commerce, pointed out, “Blockchain technology is the future of finance. Our members are leading institutions dedicated to key infrastructure construction, focusing on creating a better and more inclusive financial system. Ann plays a leadership role in this emerging ecosystem, and we are excited to have them join the Executive Committee and look forward to their extraordinary value creation.”

Kubba said, “The Digital Chamber is one of the opinion leaders in the blockchain technology policy space. We look forward to working with the Chamber to explore long-term solutions as we embrace the new era of Web3 and the global economy.”

Binance revealed that in the future, it will work closely with the digital chamber of commerce team and members in education and promotion, and find solutions to the most pressing problems in the industry. Binance will work with policy makers and regulators to participate in research, roundtable forums, working groups and seminars in order to shape reasonable regulatory regulations and policies that are beneficial to society and users.

The Executive Committee of the Digital Chamber of Commerce is responsible for the strategic formulation of the Chamber of Commerce. As the world’s first and largest blockchain industry trade association, the Chamber of Commerce’s mission is to promote the popularization and application of digital assets and blockchain technology. Through education, promotion, etc., the Digital Chamber of Commerce works closely with policy makers, regulators, and industries to create a legal and regulatory environment that is conducive to industrial development, promote innovation, create jobs, and promote investment.