V God “Wallet Cleaning” sells garbage coins again! MOPS did not fall but rose 480%

PeckShield Alert posted on Twitter that the wallet address of Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin was “cleaned” today (7th), and after dumping a large amount of garbage coins, he netted more than 220 ether coins.

According to the information on the chain, the address marked as Vitalik Buterin sold about 50 billion MOPS, 9.9 billion CULT, and 5 trillion SHIK earlier, and obtained 1.24 ETH (approximately $1,960), 58 ETH coins (approximately $91,500) and 214 ethereum (approximately $337,000).

Later, the address also sold 3.4 million BITEs for 5.9 ETH ($9,250) and transferred 214 ETH obtained from the sale of SHIK to an EthDev address.

Due to the lack of liquidity of these niche coins, after Vitalik Buterin’s sharp sell-off, the prices of these tokens fluctuated. CULT fell by more than 8%, SHIK fell by nearly 70%, and BITE fell by more than 6%. Only MOPS unexpectedly soared by 480% .

Etherscan data shows that Vitalik Buterin has sold all MOPS holdings and still holds 666 SHIK and 10 billion CULT.