“Wood Sister” annual report highlights: In 2030, Bitcoin will break $1 million

A few days ago, Cathie Wood’s Ark Investment Company (ARK) released the annual “Big Ideas 2023” investment research report. Since its launch in 2017, this series of reports has attracted a large number of industrial users’ attention.

This year’s report is 153 pages long and provides an overview of the latest global innovation technology integration trends, covering 13 major innovation fields such as AI, digital wallets, electric vehicles, and aerospace.

The report predicts that the cost of AI training will continue to decline at a rate of 70% per year until 2030. For example, training a large language model to the level of GPT-3 will cost nearly $4.6 million in 2020, dropping to $450,000 in 2022.
In terms of cryptocurrencies, Ark Investment pointed out in the report that cryptocurrencies and smart contracts can reach a market value of 20 trillion US dollars and 5 trillion US dollars respectively in the next ten years. In 2030, the price of a bitcoin will reach 1 million US dollars.
In the field of electric vehicles, Ark Investment predicts that their prices will fall, and sales will increase by more than 7 times, or at an annual rate of 50%, from about 7.8 million in 2022 to 60 million in 2027.
The following is the essence of the report. This article does not constitute investment advice, but is only used as a reference for industrial development trends:

According to ARK research, five innovation platforms are converging to create unprecedented growth trajectories. AI is the most important catalyst, and its velocity cascades(1) into all other technologies. Over this business cycle, the market value of disruptive innovation platforms will grow 40% annually, from $13 trillion today to $200 trillion in 2030. By 2030, the market value associated with disruptive innovation could account for the vast majority of global stock market capitalization.